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Kika Bukoski State Representative District 48

(Kāneʻohe, Heʻeia, Ahuimanu, Kahaluʻu, Kaʻalaea, Waiāhole)



As a former state legislator, small business owner, entrepreneur, community advocate, father of two adult children, I have the practical experience and understanding of how decisions that are made by local and state government, impacts the daily lives of each and every one of us when the rubber hits the road. Having worked with the last five state administrations and all four congressional delegates in one capacity or another, I am well-equipped and experienced to hit the ground running and to represent Ko'olaupoko's most important issues at the state level. Equally important is my experience and relationships working with city and county government and the ability to leverage those relationships to address community concerns that cross government jurisdictions. As I listen to the community, I hear concerns...

...from working families who are struggling to keep pace with Hawaiʻi's ever-increasing cost of living;

...from individuals and families who are finding it more and more difficult to find housing that is truly affordable; 

...from local farmers who need the ability to farm in order provide a local and stable food supply;

...from local charter schools who are in need of adequate and equitable funding to provide a conducive learning environment;

...from local small businesses who are the backbone of our local economy and need regulatory relief;

...from homeowners, residents and community members who are looking for solutions to the sewer crisis and water quality concerns; 

...from the community regarding ongoing efforts to improve traffic flow and traffic safety on Kahekili Highway; 

...from the community that although in the city's jurisdiction, the need to repave and maintain Kamehemeha (makai) Hwy.; 

...from the community regarding the need to support efforts to restore, preserve and cultivate  the precious natural resources within  Koʻolaupoko like the Heʻeia Estuary, the Kāneʻohe Bay coral reef restoration, the various Fishpond restoration and preservation projects , the restoration and preservation of Haiku Valley and the wetlands  of Heʻeia to name a few; 

...from the community, small businesses and local advocates regarding the increase of homelessness in our communities; 

...from local residents and the community regarding assurances that there be balanced  approach to maintaining a sustainable community; 

...and from parents and educators seeking assurance that our schools have the resources needed to properly educate our keiki...just to name a few.

I don't pretend to know everything, however what I do know is that to be an effective representative and leader, you must be willing and able to actively listen to others and take criticism and/or opposing views as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

It has been nearly fourteen years since I last served in elected office. During this time, I've continued to actively  advocate for working families, local businesses, our local communities and our precious resources. I've been able to step back, look at things from various perspectives and re-evaluate what is really important in life. 

With this added experience and newfound perspective, I am ready to re-commit myself to serving my community, the community that I grew up in and call home. I look forward to what challenges may lie ahead and humbly ask for your support and guidance.   


The Primary Election is August 11, 2018. Your vote will determine who will represent your interests and concerns in state government. It is more critical than ever to have someone who understands the consequences of the decisions that are made at the state legislature and how they impact each and everyone of us in our daily lives. Your vote counts, your voices are powerful...if they are truly heard. I humbly ask for the opportunity to listen, to hear and to be your voice. I humbly ask for your VOTE. Mahalo Nui...Mālama Pono.

Kika G. Bukoski

Candidate- State House of Representatives District 48

(Kāneʻohe, Heʻeia, Ahuimanu, Kahaluʻu Kaʻalaea, Waiāhole) 



About Kika

A Kāneʻohe Boy Trying To Make A Difference

Growing up on Pahia Road, I attended Benjamin Parker School and St. Ann's School before attending the Kamehameha Schools. I remember all the old stores and restaurants,  like Windy's, Tasty Treats,  Dote's (the current Jack In The Box),  Walrich, Coronets,  Yamashiro's Fruit and Vegetable stand, Windward Bowl, Rosie's Boat House,  Bayview Inn, and the old Kāneʻohe Theatre where Taco Bell is now, just to name a few. I remember walking through the pasture where Windward Mall currently sits to get home from school everyday..

Growing Up in Kāne'ohe Was Good

Dr. Henry Yim was my pediatrician and  promised me I'd be over six feet tall when I grew up...Dr. Yim was right, thank you Dr. Yim (big grin)...I remember Uncle Jack Kaneshiro from Jack's Service Station letting us hang out to pass the time, and going to visit my childhood classmate's family business across from Mui Kwai Chop Suey, the original Ko'olau Pets ; I remember when crossing the highway at Pahia Rd. wasn't so dangerous. At the time, we lived next to Mr. and Mrs. Iida's house on Pahia Rd. before they knocked it down to build a second apartment building. I remember catching fish and crayfish in the river that ran along the bus stop next to the old Tasty Treats before the river was paved over with  cement and playing football on the street with neighborhood friends, the Hanashiro's and Lakatani's. Life growing up in Kāneʻohe was good...

Raising My Keiki In Kāne'ohe

Having great childhood memories growing up in Kāneʻohe, I wanted to make sure my children had similar experiences. I bought my first home on Kahuhipa Street at Mountain View Terrace. My daughter Deven attended He'eia School and St. Ann's, and my son Duke was just born. However, soon fate and my career would require a move to Maui. I always knew that I'd be back some day...

Upcountry Maui Life Reminded Me of Home

Living in Upcountry Maui was much like back home in Kāneʻohe...primarily rural living, with lots of farms and open space. The local residents were warm and very welcoming to me and my young family. I served as the General Manager of Roberts Hawai'i-Maui, Tours and Transportation and School Bus Division, which gave me a great opportunity to get to know families from across Maui County. Life in Maui continued to treat me and my family well. I left Roberts Hawaiʻi for an opportunity to join a local waste hauling firm, Maui Disposal, Inc. Following an acquisition by a national waste hauling  franchise (BFI) and subsequent divestiture, I was blessed with a life changing opportunity and became its Vice President and Managing Partner. My young days running behind the Koʻolau Refuse trucks in Kāneʻohe prepared me well for the time spent serving Maui's waste industry.

Community Involvement, Civic Responsibility

Serving the entire County of Maui in my professional life awakened a strong sense of kuleana and of the responsibility instilled in me from a young age by my parents and grandparents and later reinforced by the Kamehameha Schools. I immersed myself into the community and in addition to raising two young children as a single Dad, embraced the role of community volunteer, leader and advocate. 

I've served in various capacities as a volunteer and/or member with the following organizations, clubs, boards, and/or commissions etc.: Aloha Stadium Authority, State Procurement Code Review Task Force, Na Koa UH Booster Club, Hawai'i State Charter School Review Panel, Saint Louis High School Policy Review Committee, Hawai'i Chamber of Commerce, Maui Chamber of Commerce , Pacific Century Fellows, Maui United Way, Maui Contractors Association, Maui Hotel Association, the Rotary Club of Maui, Big Brother Big Sisters, Ke Kumu Alakaʻi Mentorship Program (Pacific American Foundation), the Maui County Board of Ethics, Hawaiian Canoe Club, Outrigger Canoe Club, and the Chozen Ji Zen Dojo in Kalihi Valley.

I've helped coordinate various events including the Maui Marathon, Maui Hula Bowl, Maui Music Festival, Maui County Fair, Clean Up Green Up Hawaiʻi, NOAA Ocean Debris Clean Up, PIAA Letter of Intent Signing Day, as well as the American Cancer Relay For Life (Windward Community College), the Kane'ohe Christmas Lights and the Kāneʻohe Christmas Parade under the leadership of Art Machado. Civic engagement is our kuleana...

Serving the Public, Standing on Principle Not Politics

Having served two terms as a State Legislator in the early 2000's, I've never considered myself a politician...rather I'd like to think of myself as an average individual, who is mindful of my kuleana and my obligation to leave this place just a little better than when I came into it. 

Growing up in Hawaiʻi, I was always taught to be respectful of others, take your shoes off  when you enter someone's house, only speak when you are being spoken to, help clean up before you leave, and always lend a helping hand to those in need, expecting nothing in return. These values I carry with me as a father of two grown children and recent grandfather, as a former businessman and entrepreneur, as a community volunteer and leader, as a former legislator, as a public policy advocate, and as keiki 'o ka 'aina and caretaker of this place we call our home...Hawai'i.  Calling upon life's experiences and empathy gained from the many challenges and successes encountered along the way, the many mistakes and lessons learned  and have yet to learn...I've realized that my call to serve is not yet pau...that my obligation, my kuleana to my home, to my family, and to my community has work yet to be done...

Although parts of Kāneʻohe/Ko'olaupoko have changed over the years, its heart has remained the same...the longtime families that still call Kane'ohe their home can still be found in church, at He'eia Kea pier talking story, at the local grocery store or at Windward Mall hanging out and catching up with old friends. As communities like Kāneʻohe struggle to find that balance between sustainability and growth, it has become more crucial than ever to walk mindfully and deliberately...and to mālama what little of old Hawaiʻi we have left, a time when life was a little simpler and a time when children looked forward to raising their families in the same place that they were raised. As we step, we must leave firm footprints to make it easier for future generations to find their way forward.

It's with this Kuleana in mind and in my heart, that I humbly ask for your consideration, your support and for your vote. My campaign is about service... serving as the community's voice...keeping in mind and ensuring that the power and authority of government is vested in the people that it governs and  the idea that governments and laws derive their legitimacy from the consent of the governed

It is with this Kuleana in mind that I Mahalo you for your kind consideration, your support, and your vote. Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!!


Ensuring that the Hawaiʻi we leave our keiki is one that will sustain future generations to come...

Our working families and our keiki are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet in Hawai'i. Our keiki are moving away, homelessness is on the rise, and the lack of affordable housing is increasing. We must ensure that we give our Keiki a sustainable Hawaiʻi they can continue to call home for many generations to come.

Positive parenting is key to preparing our keiki for the future...

We each encounter many crossroads in life where the decisions we make, determine the direction our lives parents we play a vital role in developing our keiki's ability to make good choices, so as they encounter the many crossroads in their lives, they are equipped to make decisions that lead to healthy, happy and prosperous lives.  

Engage, Empower, Empathize

As a father of two adult children and recent grandfather, a former state legislator, small businessman/entrepreneur, veteran policy advocate, and community volunteer, I truly understand how important listening to the voices of our community is to the representative form of democracy that governs us...that the true purpose and power of government resides with those governed and that the decisions that government leaders make have tremendous and lasting impacts on each and every one of community leaders we must remain mindful, respectful, compassionate, humble and objective, yet critical, deliberate, and committed...this is our Kuleana. 


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